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Oklahoma Respite Voucher Program

The Respite Voucher Program is an Oklahoma state-funded program (provided by NODA) that provides financial assistance to family caregivers in the form of vouchers that can be used to pay for respite care so the caregiver can take a break. A family caregiver is the person that is providing ongoing care for a loved-one. It can be a parent, grandparent, spouse, or adult child/grandchild. The voucher program is NOT designed to pay for ongoing care such as day care, therapy, in home assistance, housekeeping or home health services.

Income Guidelines:

  • There are no income qualifications for caregivers who are taking care of someone who is age 60 and over. 
  • For those caring for someone who is under the age of 60 and has a developmental disability:
    • If the household income is under $45,000 per year they may be eligible for a $400.00 voucher for three months.
    • If the household income is over $45,000 but less than $60,000 per year they may be eligible for a $300.00 voucher for three months. 

Who May Qualify For the Program:

  • Caregivers including spouses, adult children, other relatives, or friends caring for a person 60+ who needs assistance with one or more daily living activites (bathing, eating, cooking, driving, etc.).  

How To Apply:

To receive Respite Vouchers, please contact the appropriate local Area Agency on Aging in your area (see a list below). You will be asked some questions to determine if you qualify for the program.  If so, the application will be mailed to you and will include instructions on filling out the form.  After you have filled out and returned the application, it will then be forwarded to the appropriate funding approver. 

The approval process may take several weeks, depending on availability of funds.

Once approved, vouchers for respite care will be issued by your Area Agency on Aging (AAA)  and sent to the applicant. Vouchers can then be used to purchase respite service from a provider of your choice. CareTeam is an approved provider for this service.

After respite service is given, the voucher needs to be filled out by the family caregiver and the provider and returned to AAA.  AAA will then send payment to the respite provider.

Vouchers are good for three months, in the amount of $300 for a three month period.  You must reapply every three months.  

The family caregiver is responsible for interviewing, selecting, and training the provider, and for tracking the number of hours and returing the vouchers to AAA for payment.  It is recommended that you use a licensed and insured  agency for your protection.

***The Respite Voucher Application is not available online at this time. You will need to call OASIS for an application packet. ****


AAA Agencies in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma, Cleveland, Canadia, and Logan counties
Areawide Aging Agency
Contact: Kathleen Wilson

Tulsa, Creek, and Osage counties

Garfield, Frant, Kay, Kingfisher, Major, Noble, Alfalfa, and Blaine counties
Contact: Judy Rupp